20 December 2013

Blow your head off!

A very encouraging article, on Think Theology spoiled by some 'blow your head off' hubris.

I liked this comment:

Kenny, you say "who (2) is leading a church that is comprised of 50% female humans". I don't think you are 'leading' a church. You are serving one, along with all the other ministers in the church. It is the Holy Spirit who is leading.
The central concept of Christian ministry is just that: ministry! That is, service to others, service to the church, the body of Christ, service to our Lord himself, service to the broader community of and outside the faith.

Once we import the modern glam of 'leadership' we aren't talking church...the body of Christ...we are talking king pins and underlings. We are talking one active agent and a passive, 'just tell me what to do, believe and think' bunch of sermon admirers. Nothing like the conception of the church in the NT, and nothing like the Christ, who came to serve.

The language about and conceptualisation of Christian community in the NT generally and by Paul particularly is just that; community, living growing and serving together. Henry Mintzberg nicely calls it 'communityship'.

End note

The word translated 'lead/leader' in Paul's writings is subject of  range of nuances that do not come into the modern English (particularly USA 'popular business') usage of 'leadership'.

This discussion of 'proistemi' (the Greek translated as 'lead') is useful, I think, but insufficiently radically aligned with the scriptures and opposed to the worldly usage that  has flooded the church.